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Comedy Tanked Matinee: Where the Movies Come to Drink! Sun, 28 May 2017 04:49:07 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb FREAKS OF NATURE (2015) FREAKS OF NATURE (2015)

The Buzz:


    In the small town of Dillford, bum-fuck-nowhere USA life is simple and pretty much how it is in other who gives a shit towns. Kids go to schoool, parents just don't understand, the town economy is held together by a processed food plant, and that one goody-two-shoes thinks he actually has a shot with the hottest girl in school. Oh.... also Zombies, Humans, and Vampires live in relative peaceful cohabitation. That is until the Aliens show up...



Life of the Party:


     Billed as a Dark Comedy and co-starring a number of talented names like Patton Oswalt, Keegan Michael-Key, Denis Leary, etc... you have a pretty firm idea that this is going to be worth a watch. The plot, of an alien invasion starting riots between the peaceful Zombie, Human, and Vampire communities, is really just a catalyst for these funny people to get in some laughs. And for the most part, this is absolutely correct. The three young talents (Nicholas Braun, Mackenzie Davis, and Josh Fadem) who are really the forefront of the picture have a great chemistry and drive the story quite handedly. Additionally the editing used to show different parts of the story at different times, and then realign the viewer when it all comes back together again, is exceptionally well done. Additionally, the make-up work and practical effects for the deaths were top notch.




I can only assume he's able to be in the sun because of his increased melanin count. Black vampires are really the superior vampire.



Potential Hangovers:


     While the main characters drive the picture perfectly fine... the downside is that largely they are not the funny people here. And we spend most of our time with them. It's not that they aren't funny from time to time, but the lion share of the jokes just aren't theirs. The parts you'll be really laughing at are either going to be silly sight gags, or delivered by the older and more seasoned talent. Patton Oswalt's brief time on screen does a great job of doing exactly what he does - nerdy pop-culture reference humor, Keegan Michael-Key probably has the funniest scenes in the whole picture, Denis Leary as always is the perfect asshole you can laugh at, and Ian Roberts essentially has his own hilarious side arch running through the picture. You may ask, "Biggs... why are you listing about all the funny things in a comedy in the Potential Hangovers?" Well, because while it's great they're there... They're sparsely separated by more mediocre jokes. 


One last thing, Vanessa Hudgens. What the hell? Her role in the picture, I can only assume, is try to get viewers. She's attractive, no doubt, and her tits are basically asking to fall out every moment she's on screen. This is fantastic in terms of pure sexual appeal, but she serves virtually 0 real point to the plot (at least not that couldn't have been handled by better incorporating Mackenzie's character from the beginning), isn't in the film for more than maybe 20 minutes, and doesn't deliver any real good lines during her limited time there! 




This is why we need dash cams. For their protection and ours.



Atmosphere: Casual Gathering


     Fact is, there are enough funny moments that this is worth a watch. You won't be quoting lines from this the rest of your life like The Jerk or Airplane, but it's a well made low budget dark comedy with funny people in it. But those REALLY good moments are spread out enough it's ok to have some people in the room cracking jokes or generally distracting you. Maybe you and your friends are arguing over who would really win in a Zombie, Human, Alien, Vampire all out brawl... excellent! You'll have nice chunks of time between the really quality moments to really work up that nerd-rage!




+ Good Editing

+ Great comedic talent

+ Good make-up

+ Solid plot despite it's absurdity (or because of?)

- The real talent is in the cameos


Drinking Rules:


- Drink every time someone gets tackled, or grabbed, by someone off camera.

- Drink for every streotype you see.

- Drink for every jump cut

- Finish your drink every time the story catches back up to something it's already shown you.

HARDCORE MODE: Drink every time a human, vampire, or zombie dies.

]]> (Biggs) Comedy Tue, 09 Feb 2016 00:35:36 +0000

The Buzz:heneverdied


     A cannibalistic immortal must break his self-imposed seclusion when mobsters decide to use a young woman as a chance for revenge. Jack (Henry Rollins) is a no nonsense killer with a heart of gold plated iron who's personal war may truly be his chance for redemption.  






Life of the Party:


     While everyone involved with this film ultimately delivered fine performances; the entire weight of the picture is carried on Henry Rollins' persona and energy which carries such gravitas as to almost punch you in the face from on screen. I once saw Rollins lifting weights back stage at a Van's Warped Tour in which the size of the dumbells seemed cartoonish... like monster truck tires attached to a street light pole. I mention this because Rollins has always been famous for being intense per every conceivable usage of the word. While he's gotten older and isn't lifting iron like he used to, his personality has not softened one iota. 

     If you're not familiar with Rollins, he rose to fame largely as the front man to the hardcore punk rock band Black Flag in the early to mid 80's after early front men for the band Keith Morris (founder of the Circle Jerks) and Ron Reyes left and quit mid show respectively. However, it was after he left Black Flag in 1986 and formed The Rollins Band that he began to branch out. Not only did he continue his music, but he became a record producer, spoken word poet, actor, radio personality, weight lifter, political activist, journalist, and stand up comedian. While I don't want to write a historical autobiography of Rollins, it's important to know the kind of man he is to understand the impact he has on this picture. You see Rollins surprised many who saw him only as an energetic and angry punk kid by showing depth of character and ambition beyond his early fame. His spoken word and stand up comedy are not just laced with highly intellectual deconstructions and musings on social, political, and economical topics but are the very meat of his performances, with comedy being merely the whipped cream he sweetens the offering with to help make it more palatable to his audience. He has shown that he can be both ferociously angry at perceived injustices in his discourse and profoundly compassionate to fans and the down trodden through his social work and activism. 


      The character of Jack in He Never Died is a boiled down and much more physically respresentend personification of Rollins own psyche by any means that we can piece together through his works in the public eye. We see in Jack early in the picture as anti-social and removed by what we are given hints to be from traumatic experiences of his past. He outwardly seems to care little for people, but as we peak further into his daily life we see that may not be entirely true. His compassion is reluctant, but never failing with only increasing fervor as the story progresses, sacrificing more and more of himself in the name of others even as he fools himself into thinking otherwise. Where Rollins himself has music as a non-violent means of dealing with his agression, Jack simply gives into the violence, but the intensity with which it is delivered is all Rollins and is where we see Rollins and Jack merge before our eyes. Jack's depth and character are what drives every scene in He Never Dies because the camera never really leaves him, so it's important that they found someone so capable of getting it right. By the end of the film so much of what we have learned is gleaned by what hasn't yet been said or answered, and this is another mirror to the often quiet and stoic character of Jack. In the end superb acting and world building that leaves us with holes our imaginations can play with make this a gem of last years independent offerings. 



It's only a flesh wound...


Potential Hangovers:


     There is not a lot happening on screen at any given point in this picture, the pacing is slow and deliberate. It makes an hour and a half film feel much more like 2 hours or longer. For a film about immortals and fighting mobsters it's not something that is going to engage an large audience with short attention spans, which you might think it would by the short description of it. There's also more questions about the world and Jack posed by the end of the film than every answered. You're expected to fill in some of the blanks yourself intentionally, I think. For some this may allow you to have fun debates as you and your viewing partners debate how those holes could possibly be filled in, for others you may feel blue balled that there's no huge pay off or exposition. If you're easily offended by religious iconography and artistic license of Christian mythology... you may also want to steer clear here. 



Ok, who shit themselves?


Atmosphere: Solo Experience


     Ok, it doesn't HAVE to be solo. But I'd say you don't want more than one or two other people with you watching this. It may not really seem like it, but this is a film that wants you to think. It doesn't want you distracted. So much of what's being said here isn't being said verbally. It's not something you'll follow while chatting in another room or while you get up repeatedly to get snacks. Even the many places you're likely to laugh watching this (and it's deliberately funny at times) will be done so while either 1) cringing at the violence also happening or 2) not at a joke so much as at someone's reaction to something fucked up or odd. Pick this up and save it for a day or night when you've got nothing planned and all you want to do is watch a good flick in your PJs.



+ Henry Rollins amazing delivery (It's not DiGiorno).

+ A unique twist on a not unique vampire myth.

+ Interesting Cinematography choices.

- A little slow paced.


Drinking Rules:

- Drink every time Jack turns away/walks away from someone instead of answering them/responding to them in conversation.

- Drink for every new bullet wound Jack acquires.

- Drink continuously while Jack lists his previous occupations.

- Take a shot when someone has their crotch attacked.

HARDCORE MODE: Drink every time Jack commits or is shown to have or discusses having commited any of the 7 deadly sins (Gluttony, Slot, Greed, Pride, Envy, Lust, Despair, Vanity). 

]]> (Biggs) Comedy Thu, 28 Jan 2016 02:01:37 +0000
WOLFCOP (2014) WOLFCOP (2014)

The Buzz:


      A small town cop named Lou Garou (Leo Fafard) is a
worthless drunk of a cop. Until he gets turned into a werewolf just before the towns big Hunting and Booze festival. Using good old fashioned whiskey to fuel his werewolf powers he must undo the hundreds of year old dasterdly plot of a few lizard-like shapeshifters who intend to control everything.. or some things, at least.



Life of the Party:


     The moment I heard that the main character's name was Lou Garou (Loup Garou is french for "werewolf") I said aloud "This movie is Canadian, isn't it?" And sure enough, it is. Oh howdy, is it Canadian. I don't mean that as an insult and many in America may initially read it that way, but no... Canada just has a particular sense of humor that after being around 33 years like myself you just sort of start to get a scent for (get it? this movie is about werewolves. heightened senses. forget it.) When you've watched enough Candian comedians like Michael Meyers, John Candy, Leslie Nielsen, Phil Hartman, etc... there a "je ne sais quoi" that Canadian humor has (get it again? Canadians. French term). Wolfcop has that Candian stink all over it, in a good way! Look, those guys I listed back there are comedic LEGENDS and while maybe I am angry at our neighbors up north for the music they force upon us it's hard to stay mad with the comedy they lend us. 


     Now, that said. This isn't going to live up (I don't think...) to the test of time like Naked Gun or So I Married an Axe Murderer... or anything, but the movie offers a lot of good dark humor and slap your forehead puns that you're going to chuckle at. All while packaging in some quality practical effects (for it's budget) and solid writing - delivering a twist that works better than anything M. Night Shaymalan has done, and that hack has won an Academy Award!


     You know us here at Tanked Matinee by now, I hope (feel free to get to know us if not). You know we like independent low budget films because you get weird shit you're not going to see come out of Hollywood. Our only criteria for a good movie is, regardless of genre, is it fun to watch? Wolfcop is an undeniable yes. It's fun to watch, and it is only more fun with more people watching it. It's a movie almost designed specifically for riffing on while also endearing itself to you.



Wolfcop is a big fan of Travolta/Cage films


Potential Hangovers:


     Pretty standard warnings here. It's an independent film without a hollywood budget, it's got some blood and gore (though, relatively tame [HA!] for the genre. Those polite Canadians...), and it's a ridiculous premise. If these AREN'T your style of film you know that already and what the fuck are you doing reading this review? Other than that... it's pretty punny. And MANY of the jokes are sort of all of the "wolf" variety. So there's one trick here throughout the film and they kind of beat that trick with a dead horse. You may find yourselves saying "I get it! He's a werewolf!" But when you make your bed and your bed is made of werewolves, you sort of have to decorate the bedroom accordingly... you also may get fleas. You also have a weird and interesting room I'd like to see. You thought that metaphor was going to be sloppy, nah, man... I pulled it together. It works. 


Photo 2015-06-03 2 35 41 PM grande


Wolfcop has his own comic and action figures? Moichandizing, am I right Mr. Brooks?


The Atmosphere: Casual Gathering, Large Party


     As I said earlier, the movie was made almost in a way that it WANTS you to make fun of it. Like it knows that watching cheezy movies and making fun of them brings people together and these kind Canadian film makers want nothing MORE than to bring people together. But at the same time it's so lovingly crafted in it's cheeziness that you're laughing WITH it and not at it. The film and it's premise wiggles it's way into your subcauchles (sp?) so that you end up loving it for what it is, not just that it's so-bad-it's-hilarious. Because it's NOT bad. It's just bad ENOUGH. I don't know that I can capitalize SINGLE words in a sentence more to get my point across better. If the idea of a werewolf cop in a small town fighting against shapeshifting lizards while fueled by whiskey sounds like something you and your friends would enjoy, put this in. It won't disappoint. Even better, they funded a sequel - Wolfcop II through crowdfunding. So the fun doesn't have to stop! I'll be looking to get my hands on that and try to see whether number 2 holds up or ended up a shit in the proverbial woods. 



+ Fucking Werewolf Cop.

+ Really well done plot twist.

+ Well acted, funny.

- Jokes are all pulled from the same trough, largely.

- Made me think of old lady vaginas.


Drinking Rules:


- Drink when someone else takes a drink.

- Drink when Wolfcop seems to forget her's a werewolf and shoots somebody.

- Finish your drink if you didn't see that shit coming.

- Waterfall for as long as it takes Wolfcop to transform. 

HARDCORE MODE: Drink every time a reference to a wolf, in any way, is made. 


]]> (Biggs) Comedy Thu, 14 Jan 2016 22:39:44 +0000
IN A WORLD (2013) IN A WORLD (2013)

The Buzz:

        Lake Bell stars as Carol, a voice coach who suddenly finds herself in a position to start being a competing force in the industry of movie trailer voiceovers. But her competition is an arrogant father who's been a staple of the scene for decades, his protégé, and the fact that this work has been dominated by males since its beginning.


 Life of the Party:

        In a World is a quirky, awkward comedy. Some may be turned off by that last sentence, but I enjoyed it quite a lot. Lake Bell and Demetri Martin (who I can't remember seeing since Taking Woodstock) play off each other perfectly. These roles were pretty much made for them, and they take full advantage of it (or at least, as obviously as "charmingly awkward" can be taken advantage of without seeming hokey). And while I was kind of worried that there might be a ham-fisted political message to the film, the filmmakers treat it rather maturely.

        If I had to describe In a World in a single phrase, I'd say that it's refreshing. It seems that every comedy I've seen come around lately has been what I call "stupid humor," relying on the absurd and over-the-top. In a World is comedy in reality, and while it may not be as "laugh-out-loud" or uproarious as others, it is genuinely fun and enjoyable to watch.


Potential Hangovers:

        Not everyone enjoys "awkward humor" as much as others. Not everyone enjoys dry, drawn out sequences that may or may not pay off for you. If you prefer your comedy with ludicrous, beyond belief circumstances, then In a World is not for you.


The Vibe: Date Night, Girl's Night, Solo Experience

        In a World is a weird one for me, when you consider this might be my only "date night" recommendation outside of Shinobi: Heart Under Blade, as well as my first ever "girl's night" recommendation. But in all honesty this movie is equally accessible to people of all sides of the spectrum.



+ Genuinely enjoyable

+ "Refreshing"

+/- Awkward and quirky

]]> (Enuncia) Comedy Fri, 25 Jul 2014 15:15:20 +0000
BAD MILO (2013) BAD MILO (2013)

The Buzz:


     Duncan (Ken Marino) leads a stressful life and it’s starting to effect him physically. Ulcers are the least of his problem when he learns that his dark side has manifested as a small demon that lives up his ass and comes out when ever he’s stressed to kill the person causing him problems.    


 Life of the Party:


     Bad Milo! is billed as a comedy-horror film which is probably my favorite genre mashup. Well, that and musical-porn, but we don’t cover that kind of movie here [EDITOR'S NOTE: yet]. The acting is actually fairly good, which makes sense since this is a sort of literal B-flick. There aren’t any real top rated talent here, but there are recognizable faces such as Ken Marino (Children’s Hospital,Reno 911) in the lead, Stephen Root (Idiocracy, “Crocodile” Dundee 2) as Duncan’s father, Patrick Warburton (Space Chimps 2: Zartog Strikes Back, The Tick) as his asshole boss, Gillian Jacobs(Community, your nightly fantasies) as his girlfriend, Peter Stormare (The Big Lebowski, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters) as the whacky therapist, and Mary Kay Place (M*A*S*H, All In The Family) as his mother. The movie reminds me a bit of a comedic Basket Case in a way, which is sort of a glaring compliment. The script is actually witty and clever and is goofy enough to allow the collection of underrated character actors on set to really flex and put together very well developed personas. 


     The short of it is that this is a cleverly written movie with a small talented cast about a man with an evil demon living in his ass that looks vaguely like a dick with giant bulbous eyes. If you don’t see the potential for both subtle horror and non-subtle humor there, well… might I recommend a movie called Teeth


There's a period joke in here somewhere.


Potential Hangovers:


     While the comedy portion of comedy-horror is very well done the horror section is a little on the weak side. Milo’s killings are never really seen and all we get for aftermath shots are some rooms where there is blood splattered all over the walls. Ultimately the real horror is in every time Milo has to crawl in or out of Duncan’s ass and we all wince along with the character. After watching this I anticipate a large drop off in men asking their girlfriends to try anal. 


This is what I imagine it would look like if someone took a picture of me having sex with Gillian Jacobs.


The Vibe: Solo Experience, Casual Gathering


     The movie is funny and witty, but because it’s not uproariously funny it can be a decent watch by yourself. I doubt there will be a ton of quotes coming from this that get repeated often. But having a few people around never hurts, just try to keep it small groups because the wit can be easily missed if too many people are chatting.




+ Great cast

+ Witty

- Not very horror-esque

- Makes your butt hurt.

Drinking Game:


- Drink every time Milo snarls

- Drink every time Duncan winces

- Drink every time Stormare’s character knows too much about demons for a therapist.

- Finish your drink when Patrick Warburton dies, because… Patrick Warburton deserves it.

]]> (Biggs) Comedy Sat, 05 Apr 2014 18:36:12 +0000

It seems like we don't get very many straightforward fantasy adventure films in the mainstream any more. I suppose every once in a while there's an attempt at reviving the sword and sandal genre like with the Conan remake, or the occasional gritty re-interpretation of fairy tales like Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, but you'd be hard-pressed to come up with a fantasy movie that's actually an original concept and not adapted from some flavor-of-the-month young adult fiction series. However, as someone who grew up watching Hercules: the Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess, I do often enjoy more tongue-in-cheek fantasy when serious material is in short supply. Since Kitty stole my copy of Roger Corman's Deathstalker II (my personal favorite), I figured I'd give Your Highness a try as a substitute.

And you know, this movie got a bum rap, because I found it to actually be unequivocally “not that bad.”


Not gonna lie, I kindof want that armor even though it's SUPER non-historical


Life of the Party (Positives):

Though the promotional campaign for this movie fixated heavily on the cannabis-related humor and Natalie Portman's ass (even though it's totally a body double), this movie's biggest strengths are as a swashbuckling medieval adventure. It's clear that plenty of the film's $50 million budget went toward making a legitimate fantasy experience, as the mythical creatures, costumes, and visual effects are all very exciting, inventive, and detailed. Although Danny McBride and James Franco aren't necessarily known as action heroes, they did alright in Pineapple Express and are convincing enough swordsmen in this movie. Of particular note are the most destructive carriage-chase sequence since Van Helsing, and the arena scene mid-way through (there's ALWAYS an arena scene) where the heroes have to battle a five-headed hydra controlled by a malevolent shaman – the villain invokes the monster by plunging his hand into a cauldron, and each serpentine head mirrors the movements of one of his fingers, which is pretty neat. Little creative touches like those make it clear that the movie had the intent of being properly epic, and wasn't just the cynical “Cheech and Chong Go to the Renaissance Faire” movie that the title might suggest.


 The story focuses on the relationship of two brothers, the naïve but gallant Fabious (Franco) and the lazy, ineffectual Thadeus (McBride), who is envious of Fabious' status as heir to the throne. Your Highness is basically a fantasy version of the classic show Blackadder, with much of the humor coming from the characters sniping at each other in a mildly anachronistic fashion, acting in completely un-heroic ways, and seeming remarkably blasé about the magical goings-on of their kingdom. Unlike Blackadder, however, the characters do develop and grow over the course of the plot, leading to a satisfying if somewhat cliché ending, but clichés are what this kind of fantasy is all about.




Potential Hangovers (Negatives):

There's no getting around it, about half the jokes are just gross-out gags and broad sexual humor, which seldom impress. Without spoiling too much of the plot, the main conflict has an important sexual element, which is exploited for lots of needlessly lewd remarks, and though some people might find the “molested by a muppet” scene to be funny (there's ALWAYS a “molested by a muppet” scene), it mostly fell flat for me. You'll get good laughs from the script when it's being dry and “meta,” but about 50% of the jokes are just immature vulgarity – many parts of this script could have been plagiarized directly from the walls of a middle school boys' bathroom and you'd never be able to tell.

Not actually a line from the movie, but it might as well have been 


The Atmosphere (Guy's Night, Casual Gathering, Lazy Afternoon):

Though it had aspirations of being epic and exciting and often succeeds, this is definitely still a “just hangin' out” kind of movie. It's unclear how much of the script was improvised, but the dialogue flows so naturally that I seriously expected the movie to end with a shot of the actors sitting around a modern kitchen table surrounded by dice, character sheets, and Doritos, since the movie has the attitude of a casual Dungeons & Dragons session come to life. At its best, it's an especially crude The Princess Bride, at its worst, it's a really lackluster early episode of South Park. Even with a script that's a bit uneven, though, it's not nearly as bad as people say, and is worth a try if you enjoy your dragon-slaying with a side of anachronisms and dick jokes.


+ Really nice-looking effects and other visuals

+ Good dry humor that blends modern attitudes with entertainingly-affected "medieval speak"

- Some of the more vulgar humor just falls flat

]]> (Alex Lane) Comedy Fri, 04 Apr 2014 01:06:27 +0000



     Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr., Steve Coogan, Nick Nolte, and so, so many others star in a meta, big-budget action comedy co-written, co-produced, and directed by Ben Stiller. This is seriously an ambitious, complicated movie which cements Ben Stiller as immensely talented, as opposed to untalented and immensely lucky (that would be Adam Sandler). The movie begins with a bunch of fake trailers, and proceeds to be a deftly interwoven comedic tale about a combination of....for lack of a better word, interesting characters attempting to save their careers by making a war movie based on a true story. The problem is that the guerilla style of filming has placed them in a jungle on an island that is (unknown to the actors) loaded with vicious cartel members, causing them to fight for their lives. This film really is a comedic work of art. The only comedy I've ever seen that comes close to being this grandiose was The Other Guys, and as much as I love that movie as well, Tropic Thunder just has so much varied, amazing content in its insanely long 106 minutes, that I'm not sure any movie that meant to be funny has ever been quite as large of an undertaking (Battlefield Earth didn't mean to be funny). If you haven't seen it, you need to.




     All of it. The various characters are all played by very talented, funny actors who deliver amazing performances and are all charismatic enough that they share the stage equally. Between a method actor in blackface, a career-stalled action star, a rising rapstar struggling with understanding his sexuality, a low-brow comedian who's super addicted to know what, the list of notable, funny characters could easily be another six lines, so I'll just let you see for yourself. I usually don't mention it in these reviews, but the characters all develop very well over the course of the movie; not typically something you expect out of an over-the-top laugh venture. There are tons and tons of cameos, too; some of them jaw-droppingly well done. The cinematography obviously is great, because for that budget, you'd have to put some effort into fucking it up. The soundtrack is also great; reminiscent of the classic rock styling that seems to always coincide with war movies in jungles, so it's an excellent reference. Most importantly, this movie is funny. It's really funny. And the quantity of jokes is so great, you're almost guaranteed to miss stuff on the first viewing or two. Only the Blood and Cornetto trilogy is more densely-packed comedy.




     If you're easy to offend, you probably should, as a rule, avoid any movie we recommend on this website. This is one of them.


THE ATMOSPHERE: Large Party, Casual Gathering, Guy's Night


     Really, this movie can work for almost any event. It's clever, star-studded, gripping, genuine, well-produced, and funny. However, if you're wanting a heavy dose of gun shots, explosions, and well-delivered catchphrases with your comedy, you likely are trying to please an easily distracted crowd. So it works great for large events. Alternatively, it's pretty much required guy viewing, so if you (or your friends) haven't seen it, it's mandatory. Go forth and spread the good news.




Once each time an in-universe product or movie is mentioned

Twice each time a gun is fired

One shot for each explosion

(I AM BECOME SIMPLE JACK mode) Disregard all other rules; take a shot for each celebrity you can name the first time they show up onscreen

]]> (JHBoman) Comedy Thu, 27 Mar 2014 22:27:12 +0000

The Buzz:


     Alice and John are a young married couple struggling financially. After a car accident Alice’s eye is drawn to a small bronze teapot in a nearby antique shop. Soon after “acquiring” it they learn that the teapot rewards them for hurting themselves or others with cold hard cash. But when the teapot starts demanding higher and higher sacrifices, what will the couple do to keep their new life style?






Life of the Party:


     A film that accomplishes a lot, from a technical standpoint, on very little. An independent film that looks like it could have been produced by a mid-tier studio, the camera work, acting, lighting, etc really make this feel like a bigger picture than it is and I commend it for that. I don’t like to knit pick, as you all know, on technical details; but considering this is director Ramaa Mosley’s first feature film I feel it’s important to point out how great of a first showing it is in this regard.


     On top of that it’s a truly original plot that explores some dark corners of human nature. A lot of people have criticized the picture for it’s darkness not fitting properly in it’s “light comedic tone”, but to me that contrast is poignant. Life isn’t huge shades of black and white and the road to evil is often paved with good intentions. I think the way that John and Alice delve (both together, yet at differing rates) into the recesses of their their desires is very natural and human. All too often we have been fooled by the film industry in thinking things need to have huge flairs of the dramatic, but all too often the reality of such events would be far more subtle and devious. 


     In the end I thought the story was really interesting, characters were well defined and acted, and I just walked away pretty happy with it. That’s really what you want in a movie, right?



They chose.... poorly...


Potential Hangovers:


     The only negative thing I can say about the movie is that it seems to want to be a dark comedy, but it just doesn’t nail the comedy aspect too spot on. It’s humorous at times, don’t get me wrong, but I rarely reacted with more than a chuckle. So don’t pick this up if you’re looking for something to bust a gut to, it’s just not that film. 


     To be fair, if we look at “dark comedy” this isn’t exactly the most dark film either. It has it’s moments, but the darkness is usually internal to the characters and very rarely mirrored in the environments. I like that, but if you’re looking for something dark like The Crow, you’ll be disappointed again.


     The movie has it’s place, but understand that that place is not out on the poles.. it rests in a sort of interesting sweet spot in the middle.



Any movie where Hasidic Jews kick someone's ass has my upvote.


The Vibe: Solo Experience, Date Night


     I really recommend watching this by yourself or a significant other. It’s a very cerebral film despite some of it’s goofiness. I watched this with our own Enuncia (man-date) and we both liked it, but I feel like if there were a lot of people around we would have been too easily distracted by other things. It’s just not funny enough to hold a crowd’s attention, but it’s still very entertaining. 






+Original plot

+Great characters

+Well made for low budget

-Not super dark or super funny



Drinking Games:


-Drink every time Alice’s actions get darker

-Drink every time Alice is in underwear.

-Drink whenever John is the butt of a joke

-Finish your drink whenever Li Ling shows up out of nowhere. 

-Drink whenever you see Arnie’s big truck drive off in the distance.

HARDCORE MODE: Drink for every bill that comes out of the teapot.

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The Buzz:


     The evil Mr. Business controls all the lands of LEGO. He is obsessed with order and plans to unleash his devastating weapon The Kragle on the world on Taco Tuesday. However, there is a prophecy that a Master Builder will arise to stop him. In comes Emmet, a construction worker who finds the legendary Piece of Resistance that marks him as the one the prophecy spoke of. 


Life of the Party:


     I realize that this picture is largely a vehicle with which to sell kids toys. But unlike other such vehicles like Transformers et al, LEGO is a unique product in that even with sets based on existing intellectual properties the core of the product is that it can be whatever you want it to be. LEGO is creativity and imagination in a box. As such adults likely have fond memories of building odd contraptions or towns and imagining your own stories and children are probably still in the process of building those same stories for themselves. The LEGO Movie captures this perfectly and drives that home even more with it’s awesome twist that I won’t spoil. 


     In addition to capturing what makes the LEGO product so great, with an all star cast and some fantastic writing it actually manages to be a genuinely good comedy for all ages. It may have some standard plot outlines (that I’ll touch on below), but it breaks it up brilliantly with less predictable punch lines and humorous and creative usage of the idea that there may be something outside the world of LEGO. As a bonus for people like myself they also have numerous cameos by DC Comics heroes and Batman (Will Arnett) is even simultaneously a comedic relief and the muscle of the group. Also the Good Cop/Bad Cop character (Liam Neeson) is one of the best villains ever.


It's good to be Batman...

Potential Hangovers:


     In some ways The LEGO Movie sticks to standard movie tropes. You have a big bad guy (voiced by Will Ferrell) who plans to control the world while an unlikely hero (voiced by Chris Pratt) who is trained by an underground resistance (Morgan Freeman and Elizabeth Banks) who teach him how to believe in himself to overcome said evil. But as a children’s film I feel like it’s required and therefore excusable. The structure of the film makes it easy for children to understand instead of creating confusing characters with confusing relationships. 



Atmosphere: (Casual Gathering, Date Night, Family Viewing)


      As with any good comedy it’s always best to be able to share the laughs with friends and loved ones. It’s crazy that family films such as this are really starting to be the things I’m most excited for, but they really have been some of the best and funniest written stories in American cinema over the past decade. The LEGO Movie is a truly unique story with a very original idea (even if wrapped with tropes) and that’s just not something you see all the time. It seems like children’s films are as open to possibility and originality as the kids they’re intended for, while people who write more “adult” films become as pigeonholed as the adults who watch them feel in life. 




+ Creative

+ Funny

+ Inspiring

+ Original

- Fairly standard plot progression


Drinking Games:


- Every time someone says “special”, drink.

- Whenever an object from the “real world” is shown in the LEGO - world, drink

- Drink whenever Benny says “spaceship”. 

- Finish your drink whenever Green Lantern shows up.

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The Buzz:

        At the same time brothers Terry & Andy (Rasmus Hardiker & Harry Treadaway, respectfully) have teamed up with their cousin (Michelle Ryan), their friend (Jack Doolan), and the local psychopath (Ashley Thomas) to rob a bank in order to keep grandpa's (Alan Ford) home from being closed down, wouldn't you know it, zombies. What follows is a delightful little comedy-horror about the brothers trying to rescue granddad, and escape the undead hordes.


Life of the Party:

        Two genres rarely go together so perfectly as comedy and horror (except the genre of exploitation, which is a polyamorous little bastard that can pair with anything, and any number of those things at the same time). Cockneys vs Zombies definitely resides well in the comedy side of the mashup, with maybe just a little less horror than, say, Tucker and Dale vs Evil.

        Cockneys also a pretty self-aware film to plays up the ridiculous and goofy to a level that is incredibly enjoyable, but not so far over the top that it looses that charm. Add to that the solid execution and acting (Alan Ford is the standout to me (you probably know him as that “pig guy” from Snatch (no, that's not a porn film (note to self: pitch idea to Alex about a Snatch Parody pornography...))), his role in this film is about priceless).

        It's hard to take a film like Cockneys and not compare it to Shaun of the Dead (wait, how has that review not hit the site yet? But that's OK, you've probably seen it), and Shaun coming first and almost reinventing the whole comedy-horror genre gives that film a definite edge of Cockneys. BUT, I assure you that with an open mind, some friends, and of course drinks, Cockneys vs Zombies certainly has the potential to be just as delightful as Shaun.


Potential Hangovers:

        Some people just don't understand or appreciate British comedy. And I say those people should just get over themselves and stop being so goddamn single-minded. Then again, I've been repeatedly denied the post of Tanked Matinee's Public Relations Officer (something about being unable to restrain from outright slapping stuck-up hipsters in public), so take that personal view with a grain of salt.


The Vibe: Casual Gathering, Large Party

        Cockneys vs Zombies is best served with a small group of friends and plenty of drinks. Fans of films like Shaun of the Dead should readily enjoy this film, and fans of comedy-horror films should really consider adding this to their next movie-night cue. Cockneys also has a fairly simple plot, and plenty of action, so if you're having a party where zombies (and all the gore that goes with them) would be appropriate (and really, what other kinds of parties do you really want to go to?), then it can serve pretty well as the extra filler the party needs.



+ Alan Ford

+ Well acted, well executed

+ Funny and delightful

+ Just try to not clap/dance along with the final-credits song


Drinking Game Ideas

~ Drink every time a zombie dies

~ Drink every time Ashley Thomas' character head-buts something

~ EXPERT MODE: Waterfall for the entirety of the “walker vs zombie” race

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