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Oddballs Tanked Matinee: Where the Movies Come to Drink! Thu, 29 Jun 2017 16:01:58 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Noble Rot (Dogfish Head) Noble Rot (Dogfish Head)

The Buzz:

        A big saison from Dogfish Head weighing in at 9% ABV that uses beneficially infected grape must to make a really funky mixup between a beer and a wine.


Life of the Party:

        I'm gonna start this by saying: I am not a wine drinker. I really like some wines (my ideal wine is a dark red that tastes of butter and black pepper, preferably from Tuscany, with the special pink label on the neck; you know, just in case you wanted to gift your favorite sub-amateur internet reviewer this Christmas), but most I do not. And Noble Rot takes very big stance within the wine realm. But with that in mind, I can't help but become a big supporter of this beer. I'm not going to pretend to know just WHAT these different wine grapes and funguses do (for that, check Dogfish Head's page on this beer here:, but from what I understand, they take advantage of a certain benevolent fungus that amplifies grape sweetness and complexity. And it shows!

        I typically hate sweet beverages; I prefer dry/savory fermentables. But Noble Rot's complexity really wins me over. It's not tart or “puckery” like I find most sweet drinks. It begs for a nice food pairing, which you can find on Dogfish Head's webpage for the drink (above), which for me only adds to the positives for a beer like this. Add the nice Belgian yeast spiciness (not too strong) to offset the complex sweet, and you have one helluva winner in this beer.


Potential Hangovers:

        If the very words “white wine” make your stomach churn, then Noble Rot might not be for you. Though to be fair, I typically turn down all white wines sent my way at the dinner party, and I love Noble Rot. Also this is not a beer to break into the craft-beer world with, due to its complexity and “strangeness.”


The Vibe:

        In case it wasn't clear, I LOVE Noble Rot. Strange enough to really capture and hold my interest, but drinkable enough that it's not an arduous challenge to finish the bottle. If you try to make this your “WHOOOOOO LET'S PARTY!” beer, and I catch you, prepare for a bitch-slapping like you've never received. This beer deserves to be poured into a proper glass (I used a tulip glass personally) and savored, either over a proper length of time on a sunny warm day (like I did), or with a properly paired meal. A little too easy-drinking to be a nighttime beer, I'd have to recommend a pre-dinner snack scenario, or nice meal for drinking Noble Rot.



+ Really funky beer/wine mixup (should that be a +/-? Fuck it, I call it a solid +!)

+ Sweet, but not tart/puckery

+ Surprisingly drinkable

- If you refuse to drink wine, look elsewhere (until your tastes grow enough to give this a try!)

]]> (Enuncia) Oddballs Fri, 02 May 2014 18:29:56 +0000
Positive Contact (Dogfish Head) Positive Contact (Dogfish Head)

The Buzz:

        Another of Dogfish Head Brewery's Music Series of beers, Positive Contact is a collaboration between Dogfish Head and Dan the Automator of Deltron 3030. A funky mixup of an ale and hard cider, featuring Fuji cider, slow-roasted farro, cayenne, and fresh cilantro.


 Life of the Party:

            Did you read that last sentence there? Read those ingredients again, and try and figure out how they fit into a beer. But my God, this is one of the most interesting beers I've had in a while. Positive Contact falls in this weird realm between a craft-beer snob's more “out there” tastes, and a non-beer drinker's beer. The predominant flavor is the Fuji cider, followed by the cilantro. It begs for a food pairing, which you can helpfully find several of on Dogfish Head's website page for this beer ( Unfortunately there were apparently more on a box-set deal you could get a couple years ago that came with a Deltron 3030 vinyl album (what? Who DOES that in the beer world? Fucking Dogfish Head, that's who!), but I'm sure if you have any kind of palette you can find your own; that's half the joy right there.


Potential Hangovers:

        Maybe I've been watching too much Food Network, and thus have had some of the judges' attitudes from shows like Chopped and Iron Chef rub off on me, but I didn't really taste any cayenne. If you're gonna highlight an ingredient on the bottle label, make it stand out to me. But this is a very minor quibble, since I can't imagine in my head what any sort of pepper-spice would do to this strange concoction.


The Vibe:

        Positive Contact best fits in a daytime setting, with some nicely paired food. It's too strong in ABV (9%) and flavor to be a “party beer,” but not thick and heavy enough for a nighttime drink. If you're a cider fan on top of being a beer fan, Positive Contact has a lot to offer you. And if you're just breaking into the world of craft beer, this is easy-drinking enough that it won't push you away from this world of strange, ingenious brews.



+ WHO THOUGHT OF THIS COMBO OF FLAVORS? THEY'RE A GODDAMN GENIOUS! (I'm sorry, was this under-highlighted in my “positives” section?)

+ Really easy-drinking

+ Pair this with the right food, and you're in for an amazing drinking experience

+ Easy enough that non-beer drinkers can be broken in with this

+/- Where's the cayenne from the label? Ah, who cares!

]]> (Enuncia) Oddballs Fri, 25 Apr 2014 03:07:26 +0000
Chateu Jiahu (Dogfish Head) Chateu Jiahu (Dogfish Head)

The Buzz:

         A Dogfish Head Brewery seasonal, Chateau Jiahu is described as an “ale brewed with honey and hawthorn fruit and fermented with grape juice.” The bottle goes on to say that it's a recipe discovered by archaeologists in Chinese pottery in the Yellow River Basin, and stands as the most ancient, chemically-attested alcoholic beverage in the world.



Life of the Party:

         To some this may not seem like a positive thing to say about a beer (and those same people obviously don't know us very well): this is a goddamn strange beer. It pours a beautiful light golden color, with a very clean looking head, and a bit of bubbling taking place in the glass from the bottom up.

         Now the smell might initially turn you off (it made me worried, at first), that is if like me you don't like saké. It has a really strong rice-wine aroma to it, that I found to be somewhat sweeter than what I normally like in a beer.

         And then I tasted it.

         You can definitely taste the honey and grape juice; it's a very sweet yet light and drinkable ale that Biggs, Boman and I all agreed tastes like a apple-cider & mead hybrid. On first sip I wasn't that thrilled, but as I continued to drink it and the flavor built up I couldn't help but love this beer more and more. Just describing the individual flavors of honey, grape, hawthorn, and strong apple-cider make Chateau Jiahu sound like a very strong tasting, not-easy-to-drink beer, but that's so far from the truth it's baffling. Which is also pretty amazing when you consider that this is (the bottle doesn't say that I could find, so this is according to the web) a 10% ABV beverage!

         If you're looking for something that's truly original (...kinda when you consider this is an ancient ale...) and a real treat to try, look absolutely no further (if you can find a limited release bottle) of Chateau Jiahu!

The label unfurled out

Potential Hangovers:

         Like I said, this is a strange brew. The sweetness and rice-wine aroma will turn off some drinkers at first, and the price will keep some people from even taking the bottle off the shelf. In an Norfolk, VA Total Wine a 22 oz. bottle of Chateau Jiahu cost me around $14, which is a lot for the non-craft beer enthusiast. But I don't think I can stress enough that it is worth that money.


The Vibe:

         The price and the strength of this beer takes it WELL out of the “party beer” category, and to try and enjoy it in such a situation would be both a waste and an insult. Chateau Jiahu deserves a proper tasting ritual, with some friends to bounce tasting notes off of, and a clean, sober pallet to properly enjoy the various flavors and nuances of the beer. I'm actually legitimately worried that my “pro's” section does this beer NO justice; if you can find a bottle and are willing the pay the price, this beer deserves to be enjoyed.



+ It's weird, but I love the smell (after I got over the rice-wine scent)

+ Nice color

+ Really easy to drink, surprisingly

+ Absolutely DELICIOUS!

+ Beautiful bottle art

+/- It is pretty weird

- Price/weirdness will turn away some, which is a shame

]]> (Enuncia) Oddballs Fri, 13 Dec 2013 12:00:00 +0000